Thursday, September 03, 2009

Liz & Eamonn are Married!! - Quincy, MA

Bobby and I recently got to witness Liz (Elizabeth Healy) and Eamonn's wonderful Irish wedding!! We have been looking forward to this Boston trip since the beginning of the year, and we just knew that it was going to be soooo much fun capturing their special day! A bagpiper's sweet melody welcomed the guests to the church as the bride arrived in style inside a white Rolce Royce. Many of their guests flew in from Ireland to witness this sacred matrimony, and of course, what kind of reception it would have been if the guests weren't treated with an exceptional Irish dancing show? I felt like I was taking pictures of Riverdance!

It was a happy day despite of some circumstances not going as planned. Liz stayed positive and after all, she was to marry the love of her life and nothing could take away that beautiful smile off her face! Bobby and I had so much fun and got a great taste of the Irish culture that night! Congratulations, Liz & Eamonn!! Thank you so much for flying us in to Boston and have us as your wedding photographers! We love you both more than you know it! :)


JU Gang's All Here!!

Liz, you know I'm a huge Yankees fan...but since this is on your wedding night, I thought you may appreciate this shot from Bobby ;-)


Kylene said...

OMG I couldn't love that Rolls Royce shot anymore than I do!! I also love the aisle runner shot, and I really love what the bridal party is wearing! Good job Liz! (and Corinna, of course!) :)

Erin said...

OMG-These pictures are so beautiful! :) I have tears in my eyes Liz. I am so happy for you and Eamonn!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Kylene-thank you so much for the blog love!! Yeah, I totally agree with you that Liz did a great job on picking out awesome bridesmaids dresses!!

@Erin-Thank you, glad you enjoyed the pictures! Liz and Eamonn are so sweet and beautiful together :) We had fun capturing their special moments on photos :)

Mom said...

This is the most fun reception I've ever seen! Good job!


Star said...

These are awesome! You are so great at capturing the energy of the room...I love the shot with the guys giving a high five!

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