Friday, April 24, 2009

Ruby & Mike are Superstars!

You may remember Ruby and Mike from their teal and black wedding at the Jacksonville Zoo last month.  Their love for the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars and tying that along with anything that has to do with teal and black landed them a featured spot in Truly Engaging's blog,  which is a really awesome informative site for all of the wedding resources and ideas that you need.  :)

I was in Birmingham this past Tuesday when the pictures were posted and just now getting around to blog it today! Check out the site at under the April 21st post :) Yippee!! :-D

Thank you, Ms. Heidi @ Truly Engaging, for the sweetest post ever and for making Ruby & Mike superstars in your blog :) 

1 comment :

Heidi said...

Thank YOU sweetie and it was a blast & a pleasure to feature you and Ruby and Mike.

p.s.I'm glad you're feeling better!

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