Friday, April 24, 2009

Film Session with the A Bryan Photo Guys :)

I have to admit that I was a "film-snob" for awhile and shot only on film, and then I discovered the instant bliss that I get when shooting in digital.  Besides, digital is earth-friendly ;-)  The film photo session at A Bryan Photo Workshop definitely brought back a lot of nostalgia.  I truly enjoyed doing things manually and the film days.  Hmmn..I might revisit this area one day and offer film to my clients :)

For now, here's a film picture taken by one of the guys at the workshop group, Steven Devries


First shot

Second try and a funny shot from all of us

Third try is a lucky charm--everyone is in the picture :) Yay!!


Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography said...

I have been, too! I've only been shooting completely digital for about 4 years though. I've been talking to someone about going back into a darkroom and actually developing our film, too. I haven't done that since... hmm... not gonna age myself here! LOL! It's been a while! : )

I'm with you on being eco-friendly, though. I'm more interested in posting images online than actually printing them!

Renee said...


It was wonderful to meet you at the A Bryan Photo Workshop in Birmingham. And it is wonderful to see your work...which is stunning!

I am now a follower, so am looking forward to watching you grow and grow.

Renee Yarbrough

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