Thursday, February 26, 2009

Showering with Love for Sharon & Dave

Yay, more baby shower pictures :-D  This has to be the year for babies!  Bobby and I are very happy and proud for his cousin, Sharon, and her husband, Dave.  They are a great couple, and I am eternally grateful to Dave for bringing his video camera at my wedding and taping the whole ceremony and reception!  Without that, we would have never had a cool video of us dancing with Elvis in Las Vegas :)  








Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

Cute Cory, I love the last one with the baby shirt in the background. Too cute. I can't wait to see the baby pictures you will take for them! :)

Staci L. Photography said...

I love the gerber daisy one. :-)

Jennifer said...

:) Thanks for stopping by the blog. :)
15mm, hmm, that's gotta be a challenge. I'm just now getting used to the monster view behind my 24mm. I'm a Canon gal. You?
I'll be posting some more pics of some stuff I've been up to lately if you wanna stop back by soon. Thanks again.

Brittania Garden Photoart said...

these are so cute! i love their little mom and dad to be pendants.
love the v-day getaway pics below, especially that one of the pelican!

oh, and i think i gave you the wrong email addy for my graphic designer the other night. you can find her work at:
She should be finished with my logo in the next few weeks, so you can see how mine turns out :)

David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Very cool photo's of this baby shower. Vingetting worked very nicely.

pink coffee photoart said...

LOVE their mom and dad medals-so cute!!

LeeAnn Townsend said...

Baby showers are always fun!!!

Sharon & Dave said...

Thanks for the photos, they look great!

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