Tuesday, May 06, 2008

God Bless America!

May 6, 2008 will always be forever engraved in my heart. Today, I am very proud to shout from the top of the world that I am now an American citizen!! It really is a HUGE accomplishment, and it took me almost a year going through the process of becoming one. Just raising my right hand today and pledging my allegiance to this country is such a sweet feeling. I'm actually listening to Celine Dion's version of God Bless America right now, and tears are just streaming down from my eyes. It is such a privilege to be an American, and that is something that we all should always appreciate and not take for granted. I really am very thankful for all the Americans that go to war and fight for my freedom here and be able to enjoy my life with family and friends.. listening to my iPod..watching my favorite TV shows.. hanging out with my friends at the movies and the beach.. going to work everyday... enjoying capturing little moments in life with my camera .. going to church with my husband.. all without having to worry about stripping down my freedom for anything nor for anyone.

I really am very proud to be a citizen of this country. I am still a Filipino at heart and will always will be, but I am also proud to be an American and will exercise my right to vote! As soon as I received my certificate and little flag today, I went straight to the Voter's Registration table. I always think my vote would not count anyway because it is the electoral college that decides the winner for Presidency, but I figured that I should still vote so next time when I complain about gas prices being too high...my complaint is actually legit! ;-)

Thank you, America, for welcoming me to your country :)

God bless,

Bobby took these pictures during the ceremony:

All smiles before the ceremony:

Waiting anxiously for my certificate:

Gotta have the lil' American flag!


Proud to be an American (don't I look like I have a First-Lady haircut? Ha!)

Another Filipina became a citizen with me today:

Bobby and his sister, Emily, came to support and cheer for me:

We celebrated my citizenship with awesome seafood! Yum!! Thanks for the lunch, Em :)

Bobby got me flowers, and I brought it with me to work after our lunch celebration:

PS - I know that a lot of you wanted to come today but couldn't because of work conflict or you live out of town. Thank you very much for the calls, emails and text messages. I truly appreciate the love and support :)


Scarlett Lillian said...

LOLOL, all this time I was friends with an alien and I didn't know it! ;-) Congrats Cory!

David said...

Your mother and I are very proud of you........................

Gwen's Blog said...

Yeah! That is such amazing news! Thank you for sharing your joy with all of us! :)

Mom said...

Your citizenship is my life achievement award. I got you and your siblings to the land of the free and the home of the brave singlehandedly through the Grace of God!


Mel said...

Aww CONGRATULATIONS! See May 6th is a very good day indeed! ;) Love all the pictures you look blissfully happy! :D

Ruby said...

That great news!!! congrats!

Amber said...

Corinna I never knew you were illigal. Probably something I could have learned in high school. I am glad that you went and passed the citizenship test. Welcome to America. I am happy for you.

Mark Brooke Photography said...

looks awesome. good job!

Kenzie Shores Photography said...

congratulations sweetie!!!! yay!!!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Thanks for all the messages and love!! Amber, you crack me up.. you really thought I was illegal.. girl, I won't be posting this blog if I had a crazy identity ;-)

Scar, yeah.. I'm too much of a "valley girl" to be an alien back in high school ;-)

Mom and Dave, I love you!

Gwen, Ruby & Kenzie, thank you for your support :)

Mel, now May 6th means a lot to me too!

Mark Brooke--wow, how in the world did you find my blog? I'm stoked to have a "celebrity photog" (anybody that hangs out & shoots with Jessica Claire is a celebrity!) visit my blog and leave a comment--thanks!!

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