Friday, May 09, 2008

Chance and Christie are Married!!

One of Bobby's co-workers at Miller Electric, Chance, recently got married with his long-time girlfriend, Christie, aka Fireball. I wasn't planning on attending the wedding b/c I had a wedding to photoshoot at Fernandina Beach earlier that day, and Chance & Christie's wedding was at Glen St. Mary. I got done with the other wedding early, so I ended making it to their reception. They had their own wedding photog, but I decided to snap some for myself anyway. I didn't take a lot only b/c I've been scolded, given dirty looks, and even nudged by other wedding photographers before when I pull out my camera and start taking pictures...argh, I don't even want to think about that "certain" photographer and her assistant :( I've been very cautious\skiddish ever since then when taking pictures at weddings when I'm not the hired-photographer.

Enough about that.. back to Chance and Christie :) Guys, thank you for allowing me to pull you away from your photog and take some couple of shots quickly! Christie, I can't wait for your trash-the-dress session with me!! Enjoy the pictures!

Note--I originally posted almost all the photos I took in the blog, but looked cluttery so I created a mini slideshow instead :)


Miller Electric Group Shot :)

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Jess Cumbie said...

what photographer was mean to you!!! you can tell me on Facebook!! LOL

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