Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kellie & Randy are Happily in Love!

Once upon a time, there was a lovely fair maiden named Kellie who had a beautiful smile and a red hair like the sunrise. Her soul mate searching halted when the chilvarous knight, Randy, swept her off her feet and traveled around the globe together. Sounds like a fairy tale? But really, it's true! Kellie and Randy just knew that they were meant for each other at the first sight. Randy is always there to lend a helping hand and give support when Kellie needed one. They are very happy to be with each other and have traveled to many places around the world together since their first date. You can just see in their eyes that they are both romantic at heart and what other best places out there to have the engagement session done but at the "Happiest Place on Earth?"

I had a wonderful time capturing the love between Kellie and Randy at Disney's Magic Kingdom and Epcot last weekend. My dear husband was also there following us around and making sure to stop the people traffic for us to get some good shots and carrying my heavy camera equipment. Kellie and Randy--you guys rocked this photo session!! CONGRATS!

Just a little note, Kellie and Randy are getting married on 08.08.08, which is the Lucky Day in the Chinese Calendar--just like the 07.07.07 Lucky Day last year. I am in the Bridal Party so I would not be able to capture their special day, but we will see about that--I'll sneak in my camera and take some shots here and there time to time ;-)

Click here for the slideshow with music :-)
Click here for the slideshow with music :-)

Here are quite a few of my favorite shots!

Here's the crew at Epcot calling it a night after the fireworks (and a couple of margaritas!):


Kara Pennington Photography said...

These are awesome!! I love the color in them and it looks like Kellie and Randy are a super fun couple :) Great job!

lvgirl9922 said...

I'm so proud of did a great job. They are beautiful!!

Mom said...

Another great session...especially with the fireworks in the background. You forgot that this is the year 2008. Your caption said february 2007. :-)



Simone said...

seriously, i think if u quit ur job and did photography full time u'd prob make even more money! ur pix are beautiful!!! love you

Shores Photography said...

I LOVE this!!! I've always wanted to do a session at Disney! so much fun!!!

Sarah said...

Awesome pics, cory! I am so impressed by how much your talent really shines! Keep up the good work!!

Randy said...

Hey Cory! Everyone loves the pics... They
were awesome! Thanks again and tell Bobby we said hi.

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