Monday, February 04, 2008

A Happy Day for Maggie & Mark!

Red roses, red dresses, red shoes...everything was red including Maggie's cheeks as she blushed when the guests were greeting her with warm hugs and complimented her on how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress! I know Maggie and Mark through another bride, Amanda, that I took pictures of about two years ago. It was so fun to capture their day and to see friendly familiar faces all over again.

Maggie and Mark, thank you for having me as your wedding photographer. I wish you both the best in life and may God bless you two in your new adventure together!

Enjoy the pictures!

Click here to see the slideshow with music :-)
Click here to see the slideshow with music :-)

Here are some of my favorites:


Ginny said...


Just wanted to stop by and say how awesome the pictures turned out from Mark and Maggie's wedding. It was a pleasure to have you around to celebrate with us and, when my day comes, if you're ever willing to travel to Maryland I'll keep you in mind. =)

Much Love from the North,
Ginny (sister of the Groom)

lyndsay said...

Wonderful Job!!!

Maggie and Mark said...

You did a wonderful job and i couldn't of asked for better pictures. Thank you so much!!!

Shores Photography said...

wow, you're very creative! I love the shot of the bride and her father looking out the door :)

Staci Landis said...

Hi! I think I found your blog or website on a person's blog who "creates" blogs or dresses them up?? I can't remember the name! But, it was something along those lines. I'm hoping to get the 40D as I work my way up to the 5D. :-) Thanks for the info. & I'll be checking your blog from time to time, too! :-) Take care!!!

Amanda Stumpf said...

Hi Cory! I just wanted to tell you that you did a fabulous job with maggie and
marks pictures. I am so happy for you. Your website is amazing. I have a
friend that recently had a baby and i am going to reccomend you to her if she
wants pictures. As always i will spread your talent around town!!

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