Friday, November 09, 2007

Taking a Break

Girlfriends are angels sent from God :) I am always thankful for all the people I meet in this journey called, "Life." Scarlett (an awesome friend/photog of mine) along with Jessi (my work twin) and Rachel (who just got a cool job promotion) took a break in the middle of a busy work week to meet for dinner and drinks at Biscotti's. That place has the best field greens salad and key lime pie! Anyway, as a part of my photo journal, here's a cute picture of us from my point-n-shoot camera :)


ashley & jeremy parsons said...

thanks for the comment on our blog! did scarlett do your TTD shoot, because you look way familiar!! you gals are so cute. also, i think you have major potential as a photographer because your TTD session looked great!!

Scarlett Lillian said...

Yep, she was my trash the dress supermodel in the newspaper article! :-)

It was great to hang with you and your twin this week! We need more girl nights!

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