Monday, November 05, 2007

4 More Paycheck Periods Until Christmas!!

I can't believe it's less than two months away until Christmas! I was at St. John's Towne Center last Friday, and I can't believe what song I heard playing while shopping at The Loft...Jingle Bell Rock!! Aaaahh... I think Christmas songs should not be played yet until Thanksgiving is over!

Okay, I have lots of stuff in my Wishlist this Christmas (though, most will stay as wishful thinking). I'll name my top 5.. and you have to tell me yours, too!

1. Mac Computer with Aperture software installed to it.
2. New wardrobe from Urban Outfitters & White House, Black Market.
3. Canon 100 mm macro lens.
4. Decent website for my photography.
5. Weekend getaway to Savannah or Key West or wherever close by but not too close to Jax.

Okay, I probably will only get 1 wish out of my five things, but it never hurts to dream and visualize myself getting those things ;-)

Now it's your turn :-) I know we all want world peace, but tell me what you want for yourself only?



bobby said...

1. bigger house of my choice
2. to win $50K
3. good health
4. ginger back as a puppy
5. denali

ritter said...

1. win the lotto
2. 4-door, 4-wheel drive F250
3. house on the water
4. really nice boat
5. my arm to heal soon!

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