Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Seavey and Amber's Family Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

It was my first time meeting this family, and I instantly fell in love with Amber and Seavey's three adorable children! Their two girls are so full of life and energy that I had such a blast chasing them around at the park and taking their photos :) Their little guy is too young to walk and let alone sit up on his own, so he always stayed with Mommy most of the time.

They are all super troopers in my book. We lost our sunshine as soon as we arrived at the park, and it was pretty crowded that day. We had to find our own little area to avoid many people photo-bombing our photos, and then it got really dark on us. Luckily, the sun came out just towards the end of our session, but then it got super windy too! Their little ones braved the elements, and it was so much fun capturing what "real life" is for Amber and Seavey!

I love them all, and I am so grateful that Amber connected with me for a family photo-shoot.  Pretty awesome also that she and I happen to have A LOT of mutual friends on Facebook! What a small world :) Here's wishing this beautiful family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_31_zpslaqned0g.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_33_zpshn0xdz29.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_32_zpsx0ujvq3v.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_35_zps5r5z7wnq.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_34_zpsxfohdcks.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_38_zpsnqdwoa7r.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_36_zpstbtzfa0s.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_37_zpstsdechx4.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_39_zpszo7hnbph.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_40_zpsvc8dzgiw.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_41_zpsedu9rf7p.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_42_zpslqnfno6q.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_43_zpsnfb8xzbz.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_44_zpsc5j9hxo2.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_47_zpsfn9cswce.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_50_zps5rqzqers.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_49_zps5pbgeme8.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_46_zps5xat2lta.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_45_zps5gweyajt.jpg
 photo Corinna_hoffman_photography_48_zpsqdkvk7lt.jpg

1 comment :

Amber said...

Thank you!! Love our photos! I've wanted you to do them for a long time! Can't wait to do it again. Your work is magnificent!

Merry Christmas!!

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