Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lynne and Scott's Family Spring Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Love taking photos of Lynne and Scott's beautiful family! Their sweet girl has grown up so much since our last photo session last summer.  She had just turned 1-year-old then, and now she has grown into such a lovely little lady.  She was so full of energy during our photo shoot, and I had fun chasing her around the garden just to take her photos!  Love this little girl, and I am so happy that I get to photograph her :)  I am also thankful that Lynne and Scott have me capture all these special moments in their lives :)


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_031_zps2f7cd100.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_045_zps9c26d1a4.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_044_zps62c572b3.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_038_zpse44b7e2a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_039_zps50bdcf47.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_041_zps70c5af71.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_040_zpsb75c7e0b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_032_zps2bc79a8b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_037_zpsbfed573b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_035_zps7d4e621d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_036_zps77a09d41.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_033_zps1685c832.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_034_zpsf7e9b069.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_042_zpsee348bc7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_043_zpsbeea2ee7.jpg

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