Friday, March 28, 2014

Christina and Nic's Maternity Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

It was lovely meeting Christina and Nic along with their beautiful daughter for a maternity photo-shoot.  We started out at Treaty Oak Park, and ended our session at the Friendship Fountain.  It's a perfect location since that is where Nic proposed to Christina! Love going back to a place where there's a special meaning for my photo clients :)

Our session at the Friendship Fountain got cut short since it started raining on us, but I am glad we were able to squeeze in a few shots there! I had so much fun with this family, and I cannot wait to meet their baby boy when he arrives in a few weeks! 


 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_001_zpsdb4420b8.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_002_zps64d0fe57.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_005_zpsaa24e8d9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_007_zpsdba72aac.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_003_zps89c6ab43.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_004_zpsc9e53aab.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_006_zps98f7a289.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_008_zps258080e7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_009_zps5790abd4.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_011_zpsb0741d56.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_010_zps37f7f3a7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_012_zps2d739416.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_016_zps2496be96.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_014_zps206d42ea.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_015_zpsa44c354f.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_013_zpsce2dac64.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_019_zps976145dc.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_017_zps19990e4c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_018_zps6edf5ab3.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_021_zpsfa4bf6e4.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_020_zpsaa19a33a.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_022_zps0d7c8652.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_Maternity_Photographer_023_zpsc14fd035.jpg

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Christina said...

I just quickly scrolled through them and completely cried... I can't believe how talented you are... I don't know how you got those great shots with her... You are a miracle worker!!! I can't thank you enough and I'm soooooooooo excited for this upcoming year with you!!!!! xoxox,Christina

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