Thursday, September 05, 2013

Kelly and Dan's Newborn Session - Jacksonville FL Baby Photographer

Kelly and Dan's newborn is an angel sent from above, and I am so happy that I got the chance to photograph him! When I first arrived at Kelly and Dan's home, their baby boy was already fast asleep and hardly fussed for pictures :) His big brother is as adorable as he is, and it was such a treat taking both of their pictures.  They are such sweet boys, and I can tell that Kelly and Dan are amazing parents just from the time I got to know them during our photo session. 

Kelly owned this elephant beanie hat for their baby, and I think it's the cutest thing ever.  We definitely had to have some pictures with it! The Big Brother and Little Brother outfits that Kelly got from Etsy are also picture-perfect :)  Thanks again to Kelly and Dan for having me photograph their beautiful family :)



 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_001_zps0669cae3.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_003_zps4763c4c0.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_002_zps93ed788b.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_006_zps686867f9.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_005_zpsc281caf9.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_004_zpsaf17edbe.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_007_zpsd569861f.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_008_zps1995460f.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_009_zps3cc95def.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_010_zps7a8cf20b.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_011_zps514d8015.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_012_zps58725e8e.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_013_zps0f65c600.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_015_zpsbc1e544d.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_014_zpsf7bab697.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_018_zps4fc5cc38.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_019_zpsa371c4f1.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_016_zpsdd415540.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_017_zps4c439ff4.jpg
 photo jacksonville_newborn_photographer_020_zpsf5bdaea2.jpg

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jmm91 said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures! I could not pick a favorite of I had to! Beautiful family memories!

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