Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liz and Will are Engaged! - Jacksonville FL Wedding Photographer

Love, love, love this sweet couple! I just know from the start that Liz and Will are going to be so much fun to work with when I first met them for a wedding photo consultation.  Liz first approached me in regards to wedding photography way before she even finalized their wedding venue.  She had two March dates in mind, and I am glad I was available for both dates then.  It was crazy how they booked me for their March wedding, and later that same week, I booked two more March brides! 2013 wedding season has just begun, and it is already rocking!  I just know 2014 is going to be epic as well because of couples like Liz and Will :)

This lovely couple picked out Avondale for their engagement session location because their first date was at Blue Fish Restaurant :)  Adorable, isn't it? :)  Next, we headed to a nearby park for some bubble-blowing fun.  So fun!  Liz brought jumping ropes with them as part of their photo props, and I am glad she did because I had a great time photographing them trying to jump rope! :) 

Be sure to check out the slideshow for more pictures from their fun session!



 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_001_zps19998152.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_002_zps74851e94.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_003_zpsefa35d5b.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_004_zps47b0b548.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_005_zps1ca3f6e9.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_006_zpsfaf6a176.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_007_zps76094dc9.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_008_zpsbbde3b00.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_009_zps39aa4676.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_010_zpsd8effd35.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_011_zpsa3d087fb.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_012_zps1a683f34.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_013_zpsa0351f24.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_014_zpsd1d2463f.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_015_zpsecd47a8a.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_016_zps0008fe87.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_017_zps99ab4051.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_018_zps9f3a09a2.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_019_zpsb9cae60e.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_020_zpsc9414ca2.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_021_zps4617bfc8.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_022_zps9b894b7d.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_023_zps12857312.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_024_zps66bb657a.jpg
 photo Corinna_Hoffman_Photographer_Jacksonville_025_zps530bf7c8.jpg

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