Friday, March 15, 2013

Scott and Lynne's Baby Spring Session - Jacksonville FL Family Photographer

Thankful that Scott and Lynne got the Yearbook package session with me because I get to photograph their beautiful baby every season during her first year! She was born last summer, and I can't believe that our next photo-shoot is going to be her 1-Year session already!  Scott and Lynne's baby girl is so strong, and it is amazing that she can stand up on her own now and even take tiny baby steps when she is only about 8 months!

It was a busy day at the Riverside Park when we had our session done, but we got lucky with a nice cool and sunny weather :) Lynne's mom and stepdad joined in for some of our shots with Baby S.  It was so cute when she would laugh every time Lynne pretended to bite her hand :) Can't wait for our next session! I have a feeling that she will be walking fast and everywhere on her own by then!

Here's a recap of our past sessions:

Newborn Session

Fall Session

Enjoy :)

 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_01_zps24405e3e.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_02_zpsfd0dd3ec.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_03_zps1aee5f2d.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_04_zpsa5784f98.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_05_zpsd6d76f07.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_06_zps04a7bfda.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_07_zpsc92f66bf.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_08_zpsc8dda5da.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_09_zps95456b8c.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_10_zpsbba1a1e9.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_11_zps0386b082.jpg
 photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_12_zps2a7f20da.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_13_zpsfd6dedd2.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_14_zps6e730619.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_15_zps1ebe687d.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_16_zps5afbf492.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_17_zps6b787b61.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_18_zpsbb3f1798.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_19_zps89cdb10e.jpg
Jacksonville FL Family Photographer photo jacksonville_fl_family_baby_photographer_20_zps5061842f.jpg

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