Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kristen and John's Engagement Session - Jacksonville FL Wedding Photographer

Grey clouds could not stop this sweet couple from having too much fun!  It was so great working with Kristen and John at their engagement photo shoot!  They laughed, kissed so passionately, and even gave me that "fierce-model" look from time to time.  They have this great connection with each other, and I truly enjoyed capturing their love on photographs.

It rained earlier that day, and at first, I was not sure if it was going to keep raining or clear up later that afternoon.  I am glad that it did not rain, and the sun peeked through the grey clouds here and there during our photo session  :)  Kristen's family is a member at Epping Forest, and it was great to be back there and take pictures again!  That venue is simply beautiful just like this couple :)  

I am very excited that I met Kristen and her mom at the Bridal Show back in January.  Thankful that they decided to have me as their wedding photographer because I just know that Kristen and John's wedding is going to be wonderful!  I am already loving the color schemes and decor ideas that Kristen had shared with me.  I cannot wait for their big day, but for now, enjoy their sweet engagement photos!  Be sure to check out the slideshow for more pictures :)

Lastly and this is completely random, Kristen reminds me a lot of actress, Leslie Bibb




 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_001-1_zps7a53c2c5.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_002-1_zps827e51de.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_003-1_zps3f27e5c6.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_004-1_zps82ccfbd6.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_005-1_zps6745ba7b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_006-1_zps084d7e4c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_007-1_zps35e17f5c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_008-1_zps63b47ae3.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_009-1_zps9402f124.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_010-1_zps1348ad44.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_011-1_zps14b32b8e.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_012-1_zps616978a7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_013-1_zps09355552.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_014-1_zpse3bb033c.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_015-1_zps3624ddeb.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_016-1_zpsd5168674.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_017-1_zps53a588ce.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_018-1_zps4615d157.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_019-1_zpsbbd2b27e.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_020-1_zpsfa3c952d.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_021-1_zpsd731e00b.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_022-1_zpsca4351cb.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_023-1_zpsfd328330.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_024-1_zps7b0d91f7.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Engagement_Photographer_025-2_zpsc2e49bbd.jpg


Kristen said...

Ah I love it!!! Thank you thank you :) So excited for the wedding!!!

Carol Waugh said...

So fantastic! What a gorgeous, happy, and FUNNY couple. The photos are amazing....

Can't wait to have Kristen as my daughter-in-law :)

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Thank you!! :) Can't wait for Kristen and John's wedding! :)


Lisa Torres said...

Gorgeous photos- I don't think the lack of sun made a difference. :)

Melodie Grice said...

Corinna, the pictures are amazing! You took what started out as a gloomy day and made it a beautiful one and one they will always remember! Thanks so much and can't wait for the wedding!

Wedding Photo Booth Hire said...

Beautiful photos Corinna. Thank you so much for uploading these for us.:)

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