Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rebecca and Nate's Newborn Session - Jacksonville FL Baby Photographer

Congratulations to our wonderful friends, Rebecca and Nate, on their new baby boy!  You may remember this lovely couple and their adorable twins! I had the pleasure to photograph their babies' first year, and now I got the chance to photograph their third child, Baby J :) He is sooo cute and such a mellow and quiet baby that I had fun taking his pictures.  He hardly fussed at all.  Rebecca even joked that he's quite the opposite because he knew his twin sisters were fussing and didn't want their pictures taken.

I can't believe how much the twins have grown since my last photo session with them.  They are so adorable, and I just love them so much!  This family surely is blessed, and I'm thankful that Rebecca and Nate thought of me again to photograph another sweet chapter of their lives :)


 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_020-1_zps32fb4732.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_001-2_zpse6093407.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_002-2_zps8314d7b3.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_003-2_zpsfacdc8c5.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_004-2_zps08bf79f8.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_005-2_zpsede63fba.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_006-2_zps5c6e61e7.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_007-2_zps5119f0e9.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_008-2_zps6390956b.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_009-2_zps03a28388.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_010-2_zps0a73fe48.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_011-2_zps218cb119.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_012-2_zpsd081df95.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_013-2_zps41c436dd.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_014-2_zps1ed757b3.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_015-2_zpsb8cb246f.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_016-2_zps54db3996.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_017-1_zps82de0a07.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_018-1_zps80380e4b.jpg

 photo Jacksonville_FL_Newborn_Photographer_019-1_zps32f94697.jpg

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