Monday, June 06, 2011

Twilight's Breaking Dawn Wedding Invitation

If you're a "Twilighter," I'm sure you have seen the Breaking Dawn Part 1's movie trailer by now! Just in case you haven't seen the yumminess of this trailer yet, click HERE!! :)

I would love to be the wedding photographer at Bella and Edward's wedding for sure! Everything looks so dreamy and magical :) I don't think their wedding invitation matches with the whole wedding decor, though. I do love the wax seal on the envelope, but maybe perhaps the Cullen seal embossed right on the invitation itself? How about a flowery/lacey ribbon tying around it for a sweet romantic feel? What do you guys think? Less is more? :) Either way, I cannot wait for this movie which premieres on November 18, 2011!! :)




1 comment :

iriske said...

very beautiful.
Thank u for sharing.
very nice of u.

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