Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Winter Solstice 2010 - Jacksonville FL Photographer

Tonight's lunar eclipse is simply amazing!! Most of you know that I like to stay up late anyway, so going outside at 1:30 AM and watching the lunar eclipse up to 3:30 AM was nothing for me. I didn't have to set my alarm clock to wake me up. I was outside most of the time with my dog watching the lunar eclipse and drinking my hot chocolate. I woke Bobby up once the moon is completely covered by the earth's shadow. I also tried to take some pictures but granted, I only used what I had (70-200mm lens) and nothing special for astronomy photos!

Hmmn..it's 4:30 AM.. and now I'm in the mood to watch the Twilight's movie, "Eclipse!" Nah, I'm heading to bed :) Goodnight!



Here's a picture of the moon before the lunar eclipse started.


Lunar eclipse just starting around 1:32 am Eastern time.


Here's what the moon looked like around 2:32 AM Eastern Time..almost covered and looked like a finger nail that you just clipped ;)


Full lunar eclipse! God is amazing to provide us with this beauty :)


This is what the image above looks like without cropping done to it :)



Jessica H said...

Love these! We weren't able to see the lunar eclipse because of cloud cover, so I am happy to wake up this morning to your blog post!

Princess Avanaar said...

Wow, Cory! These came out amazing! Now we know another area of photographer you could foray into! =D I would so love some night shots with a moon in the background! lol

Thanks for sharing these, and it was great to stay up late with you, even if we were 1300 miles away!

Kelly Rae said...

Love the Lunar Eclipse Pictures!! I didn't know how beautiful an eclipse was. Thanks so much for your beautiful pictures. I saw your comment on Jess's blog, so I thought I'd stop by.

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