Thursday, July 01, 2010

Lunch Date with Lyndsay!

So much fun meeting up with Lyndsay today for lunch! Good news, she and her husband, Anderson are expecting their first child in December! You may remember this gorgeous couple from their Holiday Session with me last year--yeah, the one with the awesome antique velvet blue couch :) It's so fun that there will be three of them this Christmas ;-)

I went to college with Lyndsay and she and I both majored in Communications, but we also took Photography classes for fun :) Haha--we should have majored in it because she and I are now both pro-photographers :) With that said, of course, we brought our cameras and took fun pix at the end of our lunch date :)



Jacksonville Fl Photographers,Chipolte

Lyndsay took this pic from my camera--haha, I was asking her if there were any black beans stuck in my teeth ;)
Jacksonville Fl Photographers,Chipolte

Doesn't she look amazing for being about 4 months pregnant?
Jacksonville Fl Photographers,Chipolte


pink coffee photoart said...

haha! i love you! and no, you don't have any black beans in your teeth. :) let's do it again soon!

Mom said...

Take care of your teeth, they're really pretty!


Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

awww, jealous. I miss you guys. You are both so cute, love it!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Lyndsay-Haha! Well, thanks for checking! ;) I <3 u too and yes, lunch dates with you are FUN and we need to do it again soon.. otherwise, I'll see you and Anderson at Katie and Brad's wedding! :)

@Mom-haha, thanks! :) XOXO

@Stephanie-awww, next time, you're coming! :)

bbell said...

Yall are so cute..

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Brittany Bell-thanks so much! ♥

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