Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

While I was out last night for Marla and John's wedding rehearsal at San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine, we had some visitors stop by on our front yard. Bobby took this picture from inside our house. He took some more outside too while he fed them with bread. Lucky guy--I've never seen those geese come up to our yard before, and there's a little lake by us..but at least 10 blocks away! Hope you guys are having a great day, and I'm off to a Friday wedding today :)


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Cap Creations said...

Happy Friday to you too!

Girl I'm totally stealing your play-list!

Mom said...

These pics remind me of the ducks outside our Pall Mall Drive apt. Good job, Bobby!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Cat (Cap Creations)-awesome, thanks :) I had a great time at Marla and John's Friday wedding! That's great that you love my music playlist--go for it! :)

@Mom-haha, now that you mentioned it, yes..those pics remind me of the ducks at our old apt :) Bobby said thanks! :)

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