Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Parents in Paradise :)

My mom and stepdad, David, live in a beautiful place in Mexico called Puerto Penasco, just about 2 hours south of Phoenix :) Bobby and I had so much fun visiting them there one time for Christmas (and yes, it still gets cold in that area of Mexico in December!) :) My stepdad loves taking pictures too, especially of shrimp boats, since they live so close to a fishing village. He's 80th birthday is coming up next week, and how I wish I could be there to celebrate it with him!

Anyway, he emailed me these shots below since he knows I appreciate a good photo-art :) I post-processed the pictures for him and figured I'll post the pictures here in my blog too, so you can get an idea where my parents live. Enjoy :)

Puerto Penasco,Shrimp Boat,David,Pheonix

Puerto Penasco,Shrimp Boat,Phoenix,David

Puerto Penasco,Shrimp Boat,Phoenix,David

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