Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fun! - Jacksonville, FL Wedding Photographer

Today was one of of those crazy-busy days, but it was all worth it at the end :) Aside from a doctor's appointment, I got to check out Kim and Michael's rehearsal this morning. Everything at the church looks great, and I can't wait to photo-shoot it tomorrow (so it's an early night for me!) :)

Later in the afternoon, I got to meet up with local make-up artist, Faythe Mesic Hall, and she's SO darn sweet for getting one of her make-up artist friends in California to snag a personalized Twilight autograph for me--it's KStew and RPattz's autographs!! She knows that I LOVE Twilight, and what she did really meant a lot to me :) Thank you SO much, Faythe!! Blessings :)

I ended the busy day by meeting up with Starla Steward Holl, a wedding photographer in Tennessee :) You may remember her lovely smile from her surprised proposal pictures that I took back in December 2008 :) That was SO much fun, and today was awesome too! She and Ian are in town for work, and she and I got the chance to catch up and even did a super mini-session at the Memorial Park in Riverside for fun :)

Here's Faythe with the awesome autographed picture :)

Here's Starla and I just having fun with our cameras at the Memorial Park :)


Mom said...

Love the silhouette. Where is the Memorial Park in jax? Must be new.


Ali said...

I totally just giggled like a 12 yr. old just now...


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Mom-thanks, Mom :) It's close to St. Vincent's hospital :) xoxo

@Ali-you're TOO cute!! :) xoxo

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