Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farmer's Market in West Asheville, NC

Being at a Farmer's Market is like a drug for a photography-junkie like me! Though, most people go there for fresh vegetables and fruits, and other organic canned goods like honey and apple butter (yum!!), I love going there to take pictures :)

Our friends, Sarah and Mike, joined us up here in Asheville last weekend. We also got to do Sarah's maternity session here during their stay, and I can't wait to showcase that soon! The last picture of this post is a little sneak peek of what's more to come from Sarah's maternity session :)



Mom said...

I love the bee on the sign, Cory. Only you could see the beauty of that composition. That is so you.

Be blessed!

ali said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Clendenin said...

I love the "BUMP" sign! :)

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Mom-you're the best, I love you :) I love how you mentioned, "That is so you" :) xoxo

@Ali-LOVE YOU TOO!!! Thank you so much :)

@Jennifer-aww, girl, thank you!! Can't wait for your own "bump" in the future :)

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