Tuesday, August 11, 2009

White Wedding Cakes

Bobby and I recently shot an awesome wedding in New York City this past weekend. I will post a sneak peek from Angelique and Gerry's wedding soon and very soon :) One of the many things that stood out from their wedding is their simple yet elegant white wedding cake. Although I personally like colorful & ornate wedding cakes, the all-white cake is starting to grow on me :) I ran across this picture from another old wedding blog, Faye & Greer.

Clockwise, L to R: Dogwood cake from MS Weddings, cake by The Cake Girls, Appliqué cake from MS Weddings, Danish modern cake by Lovin Sullivan, Pleated cake on Brides, Button cake from MS Wedding


Ali said...

My cake is all white!

Oops - oh wait - is it bad luck to tell people what it looks like before they see it!?!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Yay for all white wedding cakes!!

And no way, it's definitely not a bad luck to tell.. just don't show us a picture of it! LOL

john said...

Wow, amazing work. I love that even the design aspects of the cakes are three-dimensional, with bits and pieces curling up off the Wedding Cakes.

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