Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daron and Jessica's Children Fun Session - Asheville NC Family Photographer

My stay here in Asheville, NC has nothing been fun! The city is starting to grow on me, and I'll miss it a lot when I leave later back for Jacksonville. I've seen my first fireflies ever during the past couple of twilights! I'm so happy that I also got to photograph the Swan children while I'm here. Their children are so full of life and very beautiful :) They like to climb on trees, catch grasshoppers, toads and fireflies.

I tried to take pictures with the fireflies, but it's not that easy! At the end of this post is a picture that another photographer friend of mine shared with me. It's by Keith Carter, and I absolutely love this picture. Tried to re-capture the same moment, but our fireflies in the jar decided not to light up for us ;-) Nevertheless, it was a wonderful time :)


Jennifer said...

You nailed it Cori! With the first 4 or 5 pics, I kept thinking "oh this is fantastic. I think it's my favorite." and then deciding no, it was the next one. Beautiful.
And I'm really glad to hear you experienced fireflies (we call them lightening bugs). They're one of my favorite things in the world. Back home, the whole farm would be just one big blanket of them. And I had a pleasant surprise here this spring when I was walking down the drive and realized the woods were full of them on either side of me.

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you, thank you so much for this lovely and sweet comment :) I'm glad you enjoyed the pix :) It was sooo hard to take pictures of a field with the "lightning bugs." It was sporadic but fun!! How lucky that you live in an area where you get to enjoy this beauty :)

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