Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sally & Jason are Engaged!!

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon at Jacksonville Beach on the day of Sally & Jason's sweet engagement session. I've been looking forward to this photo session because it was also my first time meeting them in person :) As soon as I saw Sally in this pretty pink coral dress stepped out of Jason's Mercedes Benz sports car, I just knew that it's gonna be a gorgeous session. Sure enough, the chemistry between them two is very heart-warming. Sally's infectious smile and Jason's "Edward-look" made people stop and watch us.

I tried to explain to Jason to keep his "Edward-look" like from the movie Twilight, but Sally told me that he has not seen it. I had to laugh out loud when my husband, Bobby, mentioned that Jason looks like a "tanned Edward" when he was watching me put their slideshow together. ;-)

Sally and Jason, I had a wonderful time at your session and can't wait for your wedding in February!! Thank you :-D



LoveByrds Photography said...

Corinna, these pictures are soooooo cute!!!! I LOVE the ones with the people in the background: the lifeguards and the ice cream man! SO cute and storybook-ish! :) Awesome job girl!

Star said...

what a cute session! I love how you got the locals to play along! One of my favorites is the one where the palm trees are lined up.

Mom said...

You're so creative! I like that pic of the ring in the sand. What were the words written in the sand? All i could see were the letters s.


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Adrienne (LoveByrds)-thanks so much for the super sweet comment! I love the ice cream man, too! He reminded of Rob Schneider's character in the movie, "50 First Dates" :) I love your "storybook-ish" comment b/c I didn't even think of that during the session, but now I can see what you mean :)

@Star-thanks for the blog love! That one with the palm trees is also one of my faves :) Thank you again!

@Mom-You're the best, thank you :) The letters were actually a part of their initials. The first "S" is Jason's last name initial (Sanders) and the second S" is Sally's first name initial :) xoxo

Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography said...

Love the Sunny D van! Nice!!

Tracy said...

Very cute! Looks like fun and I love the bright colors!

Taking pictures of people is hard... I'm glad not too many ask to be in the shots with their pooches. I'm not good at paying attention to them... I'm always looking at the dog!

I really gotta get a wide angle/fisheye. I love that look!!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Gwen-thanks, chica! We got lucky with that one :) There was a big Sunny D truck, also. The pictures are in the slideshow :) Yay for Sunny D van and truck!

@Tracy-thank you! It's not really so bad taking pictures of people--practice makes perfect :) PS-the fisheye lens are a rare commodity right's sold out in BHPhoto and :(

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