Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photogen Inc - Birmingham, AL

It has been two months since my workshop with A Bryan Photo in Birmingham, AL, but I figured it's never too late to start posting pictures :) I took a bunch of pictures (as always), so therefore, I'm going to blog several posts in regards to this awesome workshop! I want to introduce you guys to Photogen, Inc., whom I absolutely love! Eleisa and Judd are one cool couple that didn't mind jumping ten billion times for me :) They agreed to model for our mini-film session with A Bryan Photo guys...haha, of course, I couldn't resist but take some in digital format as well :)



ohana photographers said...

love eleisa! she is the sweetest girl!! awesome shots corinna!!!

Ali said...


I want to be cool like them when I grow up! ;)

eliesa said...

Corinna! Thank you SO much for taking these photos of us! You did a ROCKIN' JOB SISTA!

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