Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughtful Blogging

I love life and want to live it to the fullest.  Bobby and I recently attended our friend's dad's funeral and celebrated life.  Then just yesterday, Bobby and I got to celebrate life all over again with our Baby neice's birth.  This is one of those moments that just makes me sit, slow down, take a breather from my busy life and enjoy life.   

Here's a picture that a dear good friend of mine since college years,
Lyndsay, took at Scarlett's dad's funeral.  It was strange smiling for pictures at a funeral, but it sure was a great celebration of her dad's life :) 

Here's a picture with Lyndsay and
Ginger from my point-n-shoot. Bobby took this picture of us:

Speaking of Lyndsay, here's a group picture of the
Jacksonville's Pictage User Group at her house last month.  Lyndsay's hubby took this picture of us from my point-n-shoot camera:


Anonymous said...

Corinna, the picture of you and Lyndsay and Ginger is so cute!! You all look adorable!

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

I agree with Adrienne. Too cute!

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