Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trash the Dress Sneak Peek

In the midst of catching up with my photo-editing, I just realized that I have not posted a sneak peek picture from my California session as of yet. Stay tuned for Kellie and Randy's Trash the Wedding Attire session coming up soon and very soon!


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Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography said...

I love the one with the pumpkins and the mountains in the background! Very nice! Can't wait to see the rest. : )

Anonymous said...

Look at my bestest buddy as such a sexy bride..work it Kel!

Lori :)

steph said...

love the waves... how much fun are they? And how did you manage to have no one in photos at the Mann's Chinese Theater... isn't that where the walk of fame is? (I could sound really ignorant in that statement- oh well, it's a risk I take every morning when I get out of bed.) :o) These are really fun. They look as though they had a great time!

Carlos said...

you wrote - "Hey there! I noticed you're following my blog--you're awesome! How did you hear about my blog? PS--love this picture of the little girl!!"

I heard about your blog from one of your comments on a friend's blog, Shannon Clark. We used to date in high school in Jacksonville, but we have managed to stay friends even though we don't live close anymore.

I just started getting into photography about a year ago when I went on a mission trip to Guatemala. One guy came on the trip with his brand new Nikon d80 and he let me take a couple of pictures. That was a big no-no. He basically never saw his camera for the rest of the trip.

You have a beautiful eye for pictures. I've just kinda dabbled into doing some pictures like yours but I don't have the wide-angle lens to do it.

Anyway, I'de love to send you some pics I've taken to get your professional opinion on them.

-Carlos G.

Princess Avanaar said...

I was just talking to Kellie about these last night!! Can't wait to see the whole show!! =D

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