Sunday, September 14, 2008

Senior Shots Sneak Peek

Maddy's Senior Portrait/Prom Dress Trashing hot session is going to rock the Bishop Kenny's Class of 2009! The weather was scorching and the bugs were out, but Maddy braved it all. Stay tuned for her upcoming slideshow :)

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Ali said...

Cool pic - as always, can't wait to see the rest! :)

Also--- LOVED YOUR COMMENT on my blog. For SO many reasons.
1. Someone who understands the migraine issue.
2. A fellow foodie.
3. You like playing poker??? Dave loves it -- and I'm just now getting into it. (He's so worried he's going to move to the States and he won't have anyone to play with.)

Gwen's Photo Journal said...

Did I hear poker? Game night at Cory's!

You know I hate your teasers! Cute girl. Can't wait to see more! How come I only get guys for senior pics? LOL! I have another one next weekend. Makes me so insanely jealous that all I got for mine were the boring studio portraits with the leather jacket and the black dress. :p

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