Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mrs. Turtle

It's so good to see the sun out shining so bright today :) I was getting tired of being coped up inside the house with the weather being so nasty and gloomy outside. Apparently, everyone in Jacksonville feels like this today too! Celebration Church was way packed today (that's good--we just had a hard time looking for seats), Firehouse Subs was slammed and we had to fight for our table, and St. John's Town Center was crowded with restless people (felt like Christmas shopping time).

Although, I'm glad Tropical Storm Fay is gone, I am happy that it didn't do very much damage at our house. It also brought us this beautiful turtle to our front door steps. The colors yellow and black are my favorite color combination, and I wanted to keep Mrs. Turtle as a part of my branding color mascot, and don't worry, I didn't. Our friends, Mike and Sarah, came by to pick up Mrs. Turtle and released her to a safe area.

I took a couple of pictures to remember this beautiful creature. God is great, and He sure knows how to tickle our hearts. :)

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Tracy said...

Oooohhh pretty!
Where did they take her? Is she a box turtle? She doesn't look like the "water" turtles I see a lot of around my apartment... like the sliders.

Gwen's Blog said...

What a beautiful little Steelers turtle! I didn't know you loved yellow and black. I am soooooooooo gonna convert you to a Pittsburgh fan! Hehehe!

I am so glad this storm didn't do more damage (though it was bad enough). I did more than pop my head out... I took off out of town!

Sentimental Visions Photography said...

That's a beautiful shell!!!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Tracy--I think it is a box turtle.. and you got it, definitely not a "water" turtle.. she hated the rain.. poor thing.. :( Our friends released her to this undeveloped area off JTB--not really sure of the exact location..

Gwen--ahem, I didn't say I love marigold and black together..haha.. There's is no way I will ever be a Steeler fan--just no way! LOL

Christina--glad you like it.. it's the most beautiful wild turtle I've ever seen..

Gwen's Blog said...

You make it sound like a bad thing! :)

Star said...

That's one cool looking turtle! Love the colors too.

Kathy said...

The turtle is God's way of telling you to slow down :)

Mel said...

awww such a cutie.

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