Thursday, July 31, 2008

What is Success?

SETTING GOALS...but not in concrete
STAYING FOCUSED...but turning aside to help someone
FOLLOWING A PLAN...but remaining flexible
MOVING AHEAD...but not too fast to smell the flowers
TAKING A BOW...but applauding those who had a part in your success...
YOU are a success!

As I keep contemplating and praying about my future, I ran across this beautiful card at CVS today. I was browsing around for a great Graduation card for our friend Peter who's graduating tomorrow from UNF...instead I found myself being comforted by the words on the card and said a little thank you prayer to God. With the comfort and support from my husband, family and good friends, I think it's time for a change. I'm not sure exactly what kind of a change I'm going to pursue as of yet, but I've been itching for one or two...soon!

On another note, to keep up with my daily Alaska posting, here's a mini slideshow from our fishing trip in Sitka. My point-n-shoot camera is not really the greatest thing to use on an overcast day, but I know some of you have been asking for the fishing trip pictures. Enjoy!


Emily caught the biggest Halibut of the day!
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Ali said...

Awesome pics!

Makes me wish that 1) I was in Alaska again and 2) that I was fishing!!!


Gwen's Blog said...

Even with a point and shoot you are awesome! Aside from the date stamp I really like this picture. I like that it's overcast.

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Ali--great to see you've got your own blog going and thanks for stopping by at mine :)

Gwen--thanks!! Yeah.. I purposely put the date stamp there so I don't get confused later on if it's taken with my DLSR or just with the regular point-n-shoot ;-)

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