Friday, May 02, 2008

Shine 2008

It was a pleasure to meet Ayeisha Woods and her band tonight at Shine '08--they have the heart of gold for Jesus, they are all very talented and funny too! I've been covering Shine '08 this past week along with other photog buddies of mine (Go AOP!), and it's just a blessing to do this for church and get so much out of it when I drive back home. Hana, thanks, darling, for working it out for me to get some shots backstage!

Tonight's speaker was Lisa Bevere, and she is an amazing woman of God! WOW!!!!! She was real and truly spoke to my heart. I can totally relate to her and connect with her teachings tonight.

Good night, everybody, and enjoy the pictures below :)

Band group shot:

Group shots!

Fifth try is a charm (and well, Aeiyesha was the smart one to have somebody else take the picture of us!)

Hana and I :)

Stephanie and I --no photo-editing.. the flash and exposure on this is too perfect to be true!

Beautiful Butterflies:

Pastor Kerri Weems and one of her daughters:

Lisa Bevere:


Vhiel said...

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Staci Landis Photographic Art said...

Awesome! I've read a few books by the Bevere's. :-) Looks like an amazing time you had!

Gwen's Blog said...

I wish that I could have made it out to the rest of Shine! I did get to see Aeiyesha perform at the Saturday night service. She was AWESOME!!!!!!!! Looks like you all had a lot of fun backstage!

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