Friday, May 30, 2008

Girls Night Out = Little Black Dress

Exactly a year ago was my Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas, and all of the girls were wearing black dresses/outfits for the Celine Dion concert. That was the best concert that I have ever been to in my life!! That was also the best Bachelorette Party ever!! Fun dinner at the Flamingo, Celine Dion's concert at Caesar's Palace, midori sours at Bellagio's Caramel Club..then the best part.. a limo ride down the strip--we were such dorks in that limo! ;-) My wonderful brother Jazon hung out with us and paid for the limo and drinks--isn't he the best? :) Kellie--you rock for getting us all in for FREE at Tao (one of the hottest clubs in Vegas!) and getting us in the VIP section. Wow, I just wanna relive that moment... well, tonight, I will semi relive the fun moment with the girls. As many of you know, the Sex and the City movie premieres today..and hello, black dress :) I'm going to meet up with Scarlett, Jess and a few other girls tonight for dinner, drinks and movie :) It's almost time to get ready, and I'm still contemplating on which black dress to wear...hmmn....

I will leave you with some fun pictures from Vegas last year :)
Click on each picture to enlarge it :)
The other photos were taken on 5.30.07 but that was around midnight when we were still hanging out at Freemont :)

Riding the Deuce :)

Strawberry Daiquiri with Jazon and Sarah:

Strawberry Daiquiri with Jazon and our other friend Sarah:

The Four Queens (before Katie, of course!):

My wonderful college buddies :)

I love Sarah!

Getting ready to go to the Celine Dion concert:

Right after the concert :)

Outside Caramel Club at Bellagio:

My brother was "the man" (and you too, Ed!) in the limo ;-)

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Mel said...

Look at you guys... looks like you had an absolute blast for your bachelorette party! How was Sex and the City? I hope you girls had fun... its definitely one of those "girls night out" kind of movies! ;)

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