Sunday, April 27, 2008

Busy Week!

I am loving life way too much right now :) Two weddings yesterday and a wonderful engagement session last a boudoir session...keep an eye out for my blog in the next week or two for fun pictures...for now, I will leave you with this fun song Kung Fu Fighting that I can't stop humming nor listening to it in my iPod..::wink-wink to Ruby and Mike::

Ladies, Celebration Church is going to have the annual women conference, Shine 08, starting May 1st, this Thursday. Check it out if you get the chance too--it will change your perspective in life ;-) Ayiesha Woods' concert is open to public on Saturday, May 3rd. If you can't go to the whole conference, then at least make it to her concert--it should be lots of fun and fellowship! I'll be there taking pictures for the church this week and on that Saturday--so come and say hello ;-)

Just in case you can't make it at all, be sure to check out the Women of Faith conference on May 16th-17th at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. I would love to go, but I will have my first destination wedding on that weekend :) Lori, have fun!!

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Staci Landis Photographic Art said...

ooooooh! I am so proud of you for getting some changes with html! haha! I love the colors! It's really fun! I hope you're enjoying that FL weather. I'm in my hometown in Wisconsin & yesterday it was 32 degrees!!! Today was a litle better, but GEESH! Have a great week ahead! :-)

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