Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Trip to North Carolina

Gotta love buddy passes! Bobby and I got the chance to visit Rachel & Geoff, who are both airline pilots, in North Carolina. It was so much fun hanging out with them about two weekends ago! Rachel is my best friend in college and she was in my wedding party when Bobby and I got married in Las Vegas, and I was in her wedding party as well when she and Geoff married two days after us--it was insane to plan our weddings two days apart...but it was worth it :) We all had fun, except for the plane ride from Vegas to Sonora, CA the next morning after our wedding! Bobby and I had only 1 hour of sleep, and we both had bad headaches--but it was also one of the best experiences we ever had. Bobby got to co-pilot with Geoff in Rachel's dad' 4-seater plane, and I got to text people from the plane when we flew over Yosemite ;-) How cool is that?!

Our trip to NC was awesome, and no, there was no snow in Charlotte! We truly enjoyed Rachel & Geoff's company. They fed us very well, that's for sure! Geoff used to be a chef, and he cooked for us in the morning and at night :) By the way, that was the same weekend that the JAGS played against the Steelers--and Bobby & I were the only ones that I saw wearing JAGS shirt & jersey while many others were wearing Steelers apparels at many places that we went to.

Enjoy the mini slideshow :)


Scanned picture of my bridal party:

Here's a picture of Rachel's bridal party:

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Rachel said...

The pictures were great! Thanks so much for visiting us. We really had fun with you guys! How's work? Have you done any weddings lately?


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