Monday, January 28, 2008

Toastmasters Officer Training

My dear brother always asked me to join a local Toastmasters club here in Jacksonville since the beginning of last year, and I always resisted to his advice. I promised him that after my wedding in May 2007, I would give it a try and check out the one close to my old work in Deerwood area. I clam up when I speak in front of people, and I always wondered why, oh why, would I ever pay club dues to something that I am most afraid of and pretty much, another stress addition to my life...lo and behold, here I am and after 6-7 months in the club, I have given several speeches, facilitated the meeting, and even won a 2nd place trophy for our Table Topics (impromptu speaking) contest back on January 16th. I am also the Public Relations, VP for our own chapter.

Being a Toastmaster is something I truly enjoy, and I know that there is still a lot of room for improvement with my public speaking and especially with my English grammar. English is only my second language. Being in this supportive environment really helps motivate me to reach for my own club goals, become a successful speaker and overall, a business person. Besides, being in the club will also help me in other aspects of life and just not with the Corporate world. I am confident that my public speaking experiences will help help me tremendously when it's time for me to give my photo presentation at JU on Feb. 12th (which, I'm still very stoked with my professor's invitation!).

This past Saturday, I had the chance to attend the Toastmasters Officer Training at the Bank of America corporate office here in Jacksonville. I got to meet and network with many people, so that's always good :) I also found out that JU now has its own Toastmasters chapter, and I can't wait to check that club out next month. Please check out the Toastmasters site, and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions about the club. I strongly recommend Toastmasters for everyone, and I guarantee that you will see a difference in your life :-)


The Public Relations, VP officer training class:

Stacey (right) getting her certificate for facilitating our officer training class:
Our chapter's president, Lenny, and I representing Area 19 :)

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Mom said...

Go, girl! Toastmasters will be great for you. I was the one who encouraged Jazon to join that club. I´m glad he did the same for you.


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