Friday, November 15, 2013

Karen and Chad's Family Session - Jacksonville FL Baby Photographer

It seems like it was just yesterday when I photographed Karen and Chad's sweet baby boy's newborn session! Now, he's about to turn 1-year-old, and I'm so happy that Karen connected with me again in regards to photographing their son!  This family is adorable, and I had SO much fun taking their pictures at one of my favorite parks in Riverside!  It was a good thing that Karen and Chad brought a soccer ball toy with them because their son loved playing with it during our session!  His smile when he laughs is way too cute and just melts my heart :)  He is such a sweet boy, and I am thankful that Karen and Chad had me photograph their beautiful family once again :)



 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_704_zps22f9e136.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_700_zps9ca76441.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_701_zps380baff9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_707_zps6d5e3090.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_703_zpse4fd2383.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_702_zps5e5fb351.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_710_zps1f742952.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_705_zps85ef43c2.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_706_zpsb81c8a84.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_708_zpsf019d0c0.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_715_zpsd63c34e9.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_712_zpsa0dba331.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_709_zps07f94f41.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_714_zps20d51af2.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_713_zpsd0528650.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_711_zps678b8264.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_716_zps4a2701bb.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_720_zps829b8418.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_718_zps4a6bc930.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_717_zpsda92d895.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_721_zps4d4f7bcc.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_719_zps21982bef.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_723_zps30dca1db.jpg
 photo Jacksonville_FL_Family_Photographer_722_zps4a57932b.jpg

1 comment :

Karen said...


Thank YOU! The pictures turned out great! I'm always so pleased with your pictures. You do a wonderful job, and you are so sweet to work with.

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