Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun Packages!

A couple of days ago, I was so happy to finally receive the prizes that I won at one of many cool Mammoth Men's contests. :) These guys are soooo awesome, and I love following them in Twitter and keeping up with their individual blogs :) I generally never win any contests, and when Mammoth Men announced a raffle to raise funds for charities, Stoked and Yele Haiti, I decided to enter for a good cause and not because I wanted to win any of the cool prizes. Good deeds (and thoughts) are rewarded well :) The awesome photog Mark Brooke emailed me in March letting me know that I won all these awesome stuff!!

$50 iTunes Gift Certificate - from Bludomain
Hip Slip with Limited Edition Mammoth Men Cover
3 16x20s mounted on black foamcore from ProDPI
Radius Earbuds
a GoBee Card Holster
a camera wristlet from My Funky Camera

I love all of them! Thank you, Mammoth Men :)

Another package that arrived on the same day contained the awesome camera straps from Trendy Camera Straps that have my logo and my brand color, YELLOW :) Jenny was very patient with my design ideas since I've started the ordering process back in February! Yesterday was Trendy's 1st Birthday! Be sure to stop by to wish Trendy a Happy Birthday and take advantage of the cool sale going on right now :)


Gwendolyn Tundermann Photography said...

Awesome!! Your Trendy straps turned out so well! So tell me... did you plan to buy two or did you just fall in love with both of her designs for you? That's what happened to me. I LOVE my camera straps and they are the most comfortable camera straps I've ever had (plus they are so dang cute!!!). I need to get one for Matt!

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

That is so awesome, Cory. Congrats on the win. That is some great stuff!!

Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

@Gwen-Thanks, and I remember you mentioning that you just had to get two after you saw her designs for you. I was already planning on getting two--one for Bobby and one for me :) The wristlet prize from Mammoth Men is perfect b/c I'm actually curious on working w/ just a wristlet and not w/ straps during photo sessions :)

@Stephanie-thanks, girl!! :)

Lenara Funk said...

I love the trendy straps! I think it is a great idea to show off your branding. I loved Gwen's straps too.

Alison Miller Photography said...

I love this. Now I want them too!

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